• Adzuki bean X18pro Bone Conduction Earphone IPX8 Swim IPX4 Sports Wireless Headphones Mp3 Bluetooth Waterproof 8G Memory Headset

    About the adzuki bean x18pro bone conduction headphones

    • The IPX8 adzuki bean x18pro bone conduction headphones version with 8G memory works well In the shower or swimming pool

    • Bone Conduction Technology:  Cycling, fitness, mountaineering and other sports, wearing this bone conduction headset is super perfect

    • Adzuki bean x18pro bone conduction headphones fit for Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet such as iOS/ IPhone/ Motorola /Samsung/ s9 plus/ vivo etc


    1, Adzuki bean x18pro is divided into a memory version and a Bluetooth version. The memory version has a powerful IPX8 waterproof function, but the Bluetooth version has only IPX4 waterproof function, Swimming and diving are not recommended.

    2,The headset uses a built-in rechargeable battery.Battery must be fully charged for the first use of headphones.

    3, If you don't use it for a long time, please charge it at least once a month.

    4,After each exercise, clean the water from the surface of the headphones, especially the charging position magnetic, and clean it in time to prevent sweat and salt water corrode the loading port and affect life useful of the product.